customized, reliable cyber testing and support

About Us

Since 1998 Skaion has provided quality testing and support for Government security and R&D projects.

Our mission is to conduct traffic generation to simulate realistic computer environments with lots of users; Red Team activity to stress-test computer security research projects; and testbed control, instrumentation, data harvesting and data analysis. When a test requires something novel, we invent it.

Core Competencies


Traffic Generation

High volume, diversity of network traffic types, and autonomous control of desktop applications for maximum realism

Red Team Activites

True zero-day vulnerabilities injected into existing software, and exploits expressing specific properties

Testbed Configuration & Control

Testbed control: range preparation and administration, automated test control and data collection, and data analysis


We create tools as required for your test's unique needs, including support for custom applications, network traffic, and attacks

Use Cases


Skaion has made major contributions to several noteworthy efforts:

Dynamic Quarantine of Worms

Skaion has made major contributions to several noteworthy efforts: Created true zero-day attacks by injecting custom vulnerabilities into existing software and then exploiting them

National Cyber Range

Phase I & Phase II: Provided all of the host activity and network traffic generation for three major NCR contractors

Phase IIB tests: Simulated tens of thousands of peer-to-peer clients using only 28 hosts

Scalable Network Monitoring

Generated realistic, non-repetitive network traffic to completely saturate aggregate 100Gb/s channels


Created and instrumented a testbed, and used it to create data for other researchers by generating host, network, and attack activity on it



2007: DARPA/STO recognition for Sustained Excellence by a Performer

Awarded for performance on Dynamic Quarantine of Worms, where, in addition to traffic generation, data gathering and data analysis contributions, we developed 10 novel worms in under a year for testing the DARPA performer's solution

2011: IARPA Test & Evaluation Team of the Year Award

Recognized as prime contractor for APL and its subcontractors. In announcing the award, IARPA Director Dr. Lisa Porter cited the team’s "quick reaction on evolving instrumentation and infrastructure requirements," which were key Skaion contributions.


  • Products beat commercial TGSs in terms of cost, realism, non-repetition and support
  • Favorable comparison in terms of traffic volume and network simulation scope


  • Developed the ConsoleUser, a programmable “brain” that reflects the preferences of the user to drive desktop applications as a human would with minimal artificialities


  • Drive user-level network applications instead of generating traffic directly
  • Rapid extensibility and customization, easily supporting new applications or extensions